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Discover the Many Faces of Jesse Cutler

Discover the many faces of Jesse Cutler at The Cutler Edge™ a new talk show coming soon!
Jesse Cutler, a multi-talented and versatile personae, is developing his own brand of humor, intellect and showmanship in the footsteps of the late Johnny Carson his idol since childhood.

Jesse, as Host of “The Cutler Edge™” will integrate a fresh brand of contemporary excitement in his talk and talent show for the 21st Century.

Here is just a glimpse of his cutting edge histrionics.

The Cutler Edge™

Welcome to the Cutler Edge™ – The Sound Choice of Music and Media™ by Jesse Cutler.
At the Cutler Edge™, we interview the biggest and best of entertainment: Motion Pictures, Television and Music. We get under the veneer of the stars … asking them questions that are up close and personal.

This ain’t no Mickey Mouse Ball Club! At the Cutler Edge™, we get down to the nitty gritty.

So, stay tuned and look for us real soon at the Cutler Edge™ – The Sound Choice of Music and Media!™

We’re Watching You!

Ask the Expert, Jesse Cutler, at the Cutler Edge™.

Send your entertainment questions to The Cutler Edge™, Jesse Cutler’s Blog offering his expertise and advice on YOUR journey to fame. You must be a member of this website to submit your questions. To become a registered member, click here.

Background track features “Percolate” off of Jesse Cutler’s new CD: Yu.

An all instrumental CD featuring driving, pulsating beats with hip, exotic orchestrations and sizzling synth sounds.

Click here to purchase “Yu.”

Jesse Cutler Interviews New Age Music Recording Artists and Others

Listen to Jesse Cutler on The Cutler Edge as he interviews New Age Music Recording artists: Steve Halpern of Inner Peace Music, Jonathan Goldman of Spirit Music, Bobby Bruce, PJ Ross, Fred Nassiri, Tom Kenyon and others.