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Original pop songs featuring lush orchestrations and top Los Angeles session players. A big sound.

Jesse Cutler, one of the great undiscovered recording artists and contemporary pop musicians, delivers an extraordinary CD- “SouL Wood” filled with more hooks than a tackle box. This CD features Jesse Cutler’s heartfelt songs and vocals accompanied by the very best of studio session players like Lee Ritenour,Jay Graydon,Kai Winding,Ed Greene and complimented by the best horn section in Los Angeles.

Jesse’s long history in the music business started at the age of 13 with his first group “The Young Executives” on Mercury Records. His band did everything from television specials with Sammy Davis, Jr.,Dick Clarks’ s Rate-A-Record (American Bandstand) to playing with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

By the age of 20, Jesse Joined the original cast of “Godspell” as the lead guitarist,singer and co-arranger with the amazing Academy Award- Winning composer,Stephen Schwartz. After hundreds of performances, Jesse Cutler was signed as the premier artists on Brut Records, a division of Faberge Cosmetics. After the release of “Richman’s Son”, Jesse moved to Los Angeles to sign with United Artists Records and continued his quest for musical excellence by producing several albums,musical projects and finally creating “Rockula”, a Goth/Rock vampire musical before leaving LA.

Jesse Cutler’s ” SouL Wood” is a must in your CD collection if you love Pop/Rock.

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