How Not to Upstage Your Child Star

Ten Tips for Stage Moms and Dads
By Jesse Cutler

How NOT to be: A Stage Mom or Dad

By Jesse Cutler (As seen on

Let’s face it. Stage moms and dads have, over the years, gotten a bad rap. Some deserve the mommy/daddy-dearest moniker and wear it proudly; others are simply trying to do their best to help Tammy or Timmy begin or advance a showbiz career. Either way, mistakes by well-intentioned stage parents can and do, at the very least, alienate industry professionals and, at worst, permanently damage the delicate psyche of their aspiring stars.

Here are 10 ways to avoid the parenting pitfalls.

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Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Musician Jesse Cutler asks the ultimate question in StarLust: The Price of Fame, his autobiography and life lessons for aspiring child stars.

Jesse Cutler’s childhood was nothing less than extraordinary. As a teenager, his band, The Young Executives, played parties for the jet set elite, including a birthday party for Sammy Davis Jr. and even a VIP club party at which they played Beatles covers…in front of the Beatles. Watching his cousin Paulo play “Love Me Tender” on the guitar gave Jesse his first glimpse of his musical passion and what would essentially become his life. In his new autobiography, StarLust: The Price of Fame, he’s using his life lessons and experiences to return the favor to the millions of kids who haven’t realized their dream of stardom and the parents who encourage that desire.

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