Jesse Cutler Biography – At a Glance

1951 Jesse Cutler is born Louis Milo Gibaldi in Brooklyn, New York.

1958 Jesse’s family moves to Malverne on the South Shore of Long Island.

1963 The Young Executives formed by Jesse and two neighborhood boys; Jesse plays guitar and uses the stage name Lou London.

1964 The Young Executives signed by Mercury Records. Their hit single, “Everybody Do the Duck,” breaks into the Billboard Top 100 list.

1964 The Young Executives appear as guests on the Joe Franklin Show, Wonderama, The Clay Cole Show, American Bandstand, Hullaballoo and Shindig. Over the next two years they perform at charity events and private celebrity parties all over Long Island and New York City.
1966 The Young Executives break up.

1969 Jesse attends Hofstra University for two years.

1970 Jesse adopts the name Jesse Cutler for his entertainment persona.

1971 Stephen Schwartz hires Jesse to join the original cast of Godspell as guitarist, singer and co-arranger. In 1971-1972, Jesse performs in 800 consecutive shows off-Broadway, then on Broadway.

1972 Jesse receives a Grammy award for his work as guitarist, singer and co-arranger on the 1971 Godspell original Broadway cast recording. The single “Day by Day” reaches number one on the national music charts.

1973 The Godspell movie soundtrack, on which Jesse performs bass and guitar, released on Bell Records (Arista), a division of Columbia Pictures. The album reached the Top 40 and stayed on the charts for nearly a year.

1973 Jesse signed to Brut Records, a division of Fabergé Cosmetics, as their premiere recording artist. He performs on the college circuit and in many solo club shows.

1973 Jesse moves to Los Angeles and forms a new band, Jesse Cutler’s Angel, performing over the next two years at the Whisky a Go Go, the Troubadour, the Ice House and the Roxy.

1975 Jesse moves to South Florida and spends a year with his family while writing a major catalog of 250 new songs.

1976 Jesse moves back to Los Angeles and is signed to United Artists and Chalice Productions for an exclusive three-album deal.

1978 Jesse Cutler: Entertainment for All solo album is produced by Joe Renzetti and released on United Artists. Billboard pegs it as a “Top Album Pick.” EMI buys United Artists and cleans house. Jesse and all but two recording stars are released.

1979 Jesse appears as the centerfold in the January issue of Playgirl magazine.

1979 Disco Diet: Dance Yourself Slim created and released by Jesse Cutler on Disco Diet International Records; album sells a half a million copies worldwide.

1979 Jesse’s single “Automatic Man” released on Venture Records.

1980 Jesse spends the next two years working from an office at Columbia Pictures writing screenplays, one of which he sold to Tri-Star Pictures.

1982 Jesse composes the music soundtrack for Sandahl Bergman’s Body, an exercise video distributed by Family Home Entertainment/Monterey Films.

1984 – 1992 Jesse moves to Florida to help his aging parents. He joins Cal-Central Marketing Corporation first as regional sales director and then as national sales director.

1993 Jesse creates and produces The Singles TV Connection, a weekly TV show. He also over the next seven years publishes Medical Digest and Restaurant Tour, consumer magazines.

2000 – 2002 Jesse forms Gourmet Records and produces Music of the Stars: The Astral Connection, 12 CDs of his original compositions, one for each sign of the Zodiac.

2002 – 2004 Jesse forms ESP Entertainment, a promotions company, and produces 12 CD samplers, distributed internationally by New Age Retailer and Latin Beat magazines, of 200 well-known and up-and-coming recording artists for promotion to music retailers. Artists include Steven Halpern, Deepak Chopra and Lorenza Ponce.

2008 Jesse’s autobiography, StarLust™: The Price of Fame, published by Morgan James (Garden City, NY), in September.