Orlando Jewish Chamber Event with Jesse Cutler at DoveCote Brasserie March 23, 2017

The Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s flagship event opens with Jewish Pavilion spokeswoman and singer Jesse Cutler

Jesse Cutler and Senator Mel Martinez in Winter Park

Jesse Cutler and Republican Senator Mel Martinez in Winter Park – March 2013.

Jesse Cutler and Attorney John Morgan

Jesse Cutler & Florida Attorney and People’s Right Activist John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan …”For the People”.

Jesse Cutler - Television Commercial Director

Jesse Cutler Directing Television Commercial for Blue Chip Energy’s SUNHOUSE SOLAR campaign.

Jesse Cutler and YouTube Co-Founder Steven Chen

Jesse Cutler meets YouTube co-founder Steven Chen.

Jesse Cutler Interview On DayTime - Hollywood Insider

A recent interview with Jesse Cutler on “Daytime Hollywood Insider” hosted by Dave Nemeth and Cyndi Edwards.

Jesse Cutler and Carrot Top in Winter Park

Jesse Cutler and Carrot Top hang out in Winter Park – January 2013.

GODSPELL Reopening

As one of the longest-running and most beloved musicals of all time, GODSPELL is reopening on Broadway November 17th 2011.

Successful Book Signing with Jesse Cutler

Jesse Cutler makes a special appearance on May 9 for StarLust: the Price of Fame book signing at Winter Park Village, Orlando.

Jesse Cutler with Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Jesse Cutler in Los Angeles with Marvelous Marvin Hagler, the undisputed “Middleweight Champion of the World”, 1980 – 1987

Jesse Cutler with Oliver Stone at Hollywood Breakthrough Film Awards

Jesse Cutler with Ultra Star Director Oliver Stone discussing his movies at The Music Box Theatre, Hollywood, California.

Jesse Cutler with Jessica Biel at Hollywood Breakthrough Film Awards

Jesse Cutler with Jessica Biel at The Music Box Theatre, Hollywood, California.

Jesse Cutler with Anne Hathaway at Hollywood Breakthrough Film Awards

Jesse Cutler with Actress Anne Hathaway at The Music Box Theatre, Hollywood, California.

Jesse Cutler Featured in Florida International Magazine

StarLust™: The Price of Fame, the autobiography by Jesse Cutler was featured in Florida International Magazine

Jesse Cutler Interviews with the Daily Buzz

Jesse Cutler was interviewed last Fall on the Daily Buzz Morning Show, a nationally syndicated morning news program.

Successful Book Signing at Urban Think Bookstore

A successful book signing at Urban Think, the book shop for the local intelligentsia, a trendy bookstore located in Downtown Orlando.

Jesse Cutler, Host of Broadway's Best on Sirius Radio - Ch.77

Jesse Cutler’s exclusive Interview on Sirius RadioJesse Cutler flew to New York, Fall 2008, to Host “Broadway’s Best” on Channel 77 – Sirius Radio

Jesse Cutler Backstage with Sara Edwards - CN8

Jesse Cutler interviewed by Sara Edwards on her show “Backstage” explains the price of fame as revealed in his book StarLust™: The Price of Fame.

Jesse Cutler with Paul Shaffer of Late Show with David Letterman - CBS

Jesse Cutler on stage with Paul Shaffer, bandleader of the Late Show with David Letterman, at CBS studios in New York.

The Jesse Cutler Biography

Jesse Cutler has spent an illustrious career, beginning at age 12, as a musician, composer, actor, producer, entrepreneur and even a Playgirl centerfold. Starting in New York City in the 1960s and then in Los Angeles from the early ‘70s through the late ‘90s, Jesse performed with his bands and in the original cast of Godspell on Broadway, made records that saw Billboard’s Top 100, formed his own companies and appeared on TV and radio and in national print.

Now, after a decade-long respite from the glow of Hollywood, Jesse is riding a comeback. In his newly released book, StarLust™: The Price of Fame (Morgan James, 2008) , he asks would-be celebrities and their parents, “Are you willing to pay the price?” A cautionary tale fostered by his 40-plus years in show business, StarLust chronicles Jesse’s life from his beginnings in Brooklyn and his formative years as a teen rock star, then on to Broadway where his work as part of the original cast of Godspell won him a Grammy Award. David Letterman’s bandleader, Paul Shaffer, a good friend of Jesse’s since those Godspell days, wrote the foreword to the book.

Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Musician Jesse Cutler asks the ultimate question in StarLust: The Price of Fame, his autobiography and life lessons for aspiring child stars.

Jesse Cutler’s childhood was nothing less than extraordinary. As a teenager, his band, The Young Executives, played parties for the jet set elite, including a birthday party for Sammy Davis Jr. and even a VIP club party at which they played Beatles covers…in front of the Beatles. Watching his cousin Paulo play “Love Me Tender” on the guitar gave Jesse his first glimpse of his musical passion and what would essentially become his life. In his new autobiography, StarLust: The Price of Fame, he’s using his life lessons and experiences to return the favor to the millions of kids who haven’t realized their dream of stardom and the parents who encourage that desire.

Read the Exclusive Interview with Pagentry Magazine.

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